HRA Administration

An HRA works with any group health plan to help employees and their families save tax-free on healthcare expenses like doctor visits, prescription copayments and more. Debit cards are available to further provide ease of use for the members experience. Simple Funding is an expert in HRA plan designs, administrative flexibility and high quality administration allowing employers to seamlessly add an HRA to their health plan.

HSA Administration

We have extensive experience with high deductible health plans and designing HSA plans that meet employer needs. Our expert consultants can bring employers creative ideas allowing your employees to save money by enabling them to pay for eligible, unreimbursed expenses with pre-tax dollars. Your employees are allowed to keep the contributions they don't spend. The excess funds may be rolled over to help them plan for future health care expenses. And to make it faster and easier for your employees to use this powerful benefit, offer anytime, anywhere access to their HSA funds with a debit card.

FSA Administration

Nobody knows more about saving benefit dollars than Simple Funding. As a leading benefit administrator and healthcare risk manager, Simple Funding will help you develop and administer Flexible Spending Accounts. Thus allowing employees to allocate pre-tax earnings to specific savings accounts designed by the IRS helping reduce FICA tax for both you and the employee.

MEC Administration

Our Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) program offers a creative solution for employers to offer an affordable benefit plan while avoiding most of the major ACA penalties. Simple Funding offers traditional MEC administration along with a suite of premium equivalent level funded MEC and MEC Plus plan through our captive program.

Dental and Vision Administration

With access to many of the nations largest networks, Simple Funding offers fully insured and self funded Dental and Vision Plans so you can rest assured that you and your employees will receive the highest level of dental and vision care, at the lowest possible cost.

Captive Programs

Through the many captive programs available through Simple Funding, employers join forces to cover risk above a self-insured retention. By boosting retentions and pooling risk with other employers, employers are able to keep increases in health insurance costs more in check. By pooling risks, participating employers can hold on to profits - if premiums exceed claims and other costs - rather than surrendering profits to a commercial insurer, as with a fully insured program. Let us help you look at captive solutions and explain the advantages.

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